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The KW Advantage

What Sets Us Apart

Keller Williams Coeur d’Alene is dedicated to setting a new standard for successful business practice, engaging marketing, client care, and innovation. This standard of excellence has given our team a superior reputation with our clients. This standard has been molded into a proven method to sell homes we call the “KW Advantage.” This “KW Advantage” is the edge our real estate professionals have when completing a real estate transaction and results in a clear advantage for our team members by all metrics. We have spent an enormous amount of time and money over the last 10 years to create, identify, vet, test, and implement what we believe to be the most effective systems, tools and strategies we could find. Our team members are able to implement these systems into their business to help meet their real estate goals with more leads, more closings, and more referrals.

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…and see how far the KW Advantage can take you!

Tools & Lead Generation

Knowledge of your clients is more important than ever for a real estate transaction. Our system keeps your leads in constant communication with you and informs you at every turn the most pertinent information to make deals happen. Our targeted leads are routed to our agents with complete profiles on how, when and where clients are planning to start their real estate journey. With top-of-the-line resources at your disposal our tools allow our agents access to thousands of leads, contacts, information and transactions at their fingertips.


Keller Williams Coeur d’Alene training program is designed to raise the bar in what to expect from an individual, or real estate team. Our comprehensive training program is based in real world scenarios and empowers our team members with effective methods for making real estate deals from start to finish.

We Invest in our Team

Keller Williams Coeur d’Alene invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing, branding, lead generation and training to provide our clients a truly first-class experience. From the moment you enter our headquarters to the follow-up after a deal closes escrow, our investment in our team shines through.

Higher Expectations

With our investment in our team, our team members strive to set the bar higher! At Keller Williams CDA our professionals set their own goals for success higher than your average real estate team. Our ideal Keller Williams Coeur d’Alene candidates mirror the desire of our brokerage to reach new heights as a dedicated, client focused, highly productive agent. It is our prerogative and promise that our team will help you reach a higher standard, both in sales goals, and as a real estate professional.

Join Our Team Today, Call Us At: (208) 667-2399

…and see how far the KW Advantage can take you!